Reb00t Mee

Fixes 1015 errors, 1003 errors etc. Fixes boot loops and bricked devices. Use to boot out of recovery mode.

More info:

3.1 Update: Fixed a few text issues and bug errors.

Reb00t Mee- Used to fix iDevices issues.

Reb00t Me is a project that Ultimatecydiasource, Appleman5487, and MrAjsTech have been working on. This is the 3.0.1 release. Soon to come is the 4.0 update which allows much more functionality for the basic users. No luck yet on windows version yet but we will eventually get there!

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Appleman5487 Helped with version 1.0

Reb00t Mee 3.1 release

Demonstration Video


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